Down to Earth – Summer

The Summer Down to Earth Artist in Residency, Siobhan Rigg, is a local DMV artist whose creative and research interests center on social and environmental micro-histories and bringing them into action.

Siobhan has titled her 13-week residency period ‘Coming in with the Tide’ and will focus on the current and future circulation of toxicity through the plant life, people, and governance structures that serve to monitor the Anacostia River area. Siobhan poses the questions: “What would it feel like to approach the tidal Anacostia as a place that directly supports the lives of those living on its banks – as a foodshed? As a place that you put your mouth on – in a potentially different future, and now, among the messiness of the present?” Over the course of the residency, Siobhan will produce a series of drawings and maps of the tidal Anacostia River (from Bladensburg, MD to its confluence with the Potomac) for public distribution as the conclusion of her residency period.

Save the following Date & Time: September 18, 4 pm live broadcast of the Summer Season Episode on YouTube.