Down to Earth – Fall

The Fall Down to Earth Artist (Sept 21 – Dec 21) is a collective comprised of DC-born musical producer Malik Thomas, and Professors Mark Cooley and Thomas Stanley, both from the School of Art, George Mason University, Fairfax.

The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens are beautiful at all times of the year, but their cloistered serenity stands in stark contrast to the surrounding neighborhoods and lived realities of their residents. The Fall Collective will bring the history of the people East of the river in the areas that surround the Gardens into the park by providing visitors access to brief audio documents that chart the often contentious relationship between people in motion and their environment. Starting from the Down to Earth Program Bibliography, they will research and produce a series of audio documentaries. These brief documentaries will be playable from a cellphone-based app that will use GPS to pair each audio pod with one of a series of positions accessible as soon as a visitor enters the park. In their totality, the pods will trace the interactions of different communities of people with each other and all of these with the land and waters of what we now know as Washington’s seventh ward.

More info forthcoming on experiencing the Fall Collective’s residency project in the park. For now, save Dec 18 at 4 pm for the live broadcast of the Fall Season Episode.