Press Release, May 2019:
WTE Delivers Sustained Accelerated Writing Progress
“Children highly engaged and enthusiastic about their writing success.”
Today, ERO released their much-awaited study of successful writing programmes around New Zealand.  From 129 schools investigated, only six had evidence of sustained accelerated learning in student writing.  Leading those published was Write that Essay (WTE) and their work with teachers at Northcross Intermediate School on Auckland’s North Shore. 

According to Professor John Hattie, evidence of student progress is demonstrated when a child has an effect score of 0.4 over 12 months.  At Northcross, the average effect size in writing has been two and a half times that for the past three years in a row.


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The Capital Fringe Festival, is a 20 day performing arts festival taking place in SW DC, providing local and traveling artists, whether new or established, a venue to express and develop their talents and artistic visions in total freedom. In addition to increased exposure to a new audiences, producing support and marketing resources, Fringe Festival artists directly receive an average of 60% of ticket revenue.

Festivals are a human attempt to control times of potential natural disorder and chaos — like Halloween or April Fool’s Day- by intentionally turning the normal course of life upside down. Festivals pump new life into a community, reinforce identity, and allow people to indulge in crazy behavior for the duration of the festival.
Festivals celebrating Iowa’s ethnic roots gained popularity after World War II when people became more interested in discovering (and sharing) the ethnic flavors of their heritage. People also had more money to spend on nonessential things like entertainment and on payning someone to create a nice report about the festival that they attended. The service that they often use is with the best writers that you can find online. Festivals may not provide a perfect picture of the peoples, traditions, events and customs that built Iowa, but if you look beyond glittering midways that are of- ten part of today’s festivals, you’ll find a sampling of the diversity that is ours. What do they mean? Sometimes the meaning of a festival gets lost in the celebration. Take Chief Wapello Days, for example. Every summer, on a Saturday in July, people line the streets of Wapello in east-central Iowa for the Chief Wapello Days Parade. The festival crowns a young chief and princess who lead the parade. The event is a community tradition. It celebrates the city s birthday and the Fourth of July, too. But many of the people along the parade route aren’t sure, exactly, who the real Chief Wapello was, or why there is a festival (not to mention an Iowa town, county, and lake) named in his honor.

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